Punta de Lobos Waves

It is said that its waves are perfect, more than nine meters height have been the enjoyment of surfers that meet to practice the extreme sport. Punta de Lobos, a beach located in Libertador General Bernardo O´Higgins Region, at 6 km to the south of Pichilemu, is known worldwide by the professionals of surf, who during the year slide their bright and colorful boards on its saltwater to show their risky maneuvers.

The Azumi Reef Classic Chile 2011, which gathered in February the best of the international surf, is one of the most exciting events that recently had Punta de Lobos as main focus for the people who cultivates this lifestyle.

Its long extension makes it suitable not only for surf, but also for kiteboarding, shore fishing and bath. The landscape is made up by huge cliffs and special rocky places that host the marine fauna typical of the place, not in vain their seals name this beautiful beach of temperate Mediterranean climate and grey sands.

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